...Agra D'pirka is probably the best thing that ever happened to me...

- Chaim F

...It changed my life....

                          - Chaim G

       Several years ago, Agra D'Pirka's founder, Ezra Klein noticed that people were learning daily in many different locations in the Flatbush neighborhood . He witnessed people scattered about without a structured environment. He believed that with the proper structure, hundreds of people would find new meaning to their weekday mornings in the precincts of  Torah. And so, Agra D'Pirka was born.


       Agra D'Pirka is geared to local profesionals, business owners, college-age students, retirees, and anyone else interested in serous limud haTorah. The basic structure of this kollel includes a blatt shiur given by a preeminent magid shiur from approximately 9:15 to 10:15 in the morning. After a short break, there is a second shiur given by various magidei shiur on a weekly rotation. Simultaneously, there are many private chavrusos who join the kollel to take advantage of the kol haTorah resonating in the bais medrash.

     We strive to take care of our members' spiritual needs. Similarly, we take care of their morning dietary needs. A light breakfast is served at all our locations. Cereal and Danishes are served, along with coffee and drinks. 

    Come try out one of our nine locations. Ta'amu Ureu ki tov Hashem.

... We're yeshiva bochurim again..."

- Chavrusashaft in Boro Park